Ca iti place sau nu, Facebook este cea mai de succes retea de socializare. Si, chiar de il folositi sau nu, a schimbat fundamental felul in care comunica, in prezent, oamenii. Acum, aproape Totul este pe Facebook. Daca este bine sau rau, ramane la latitudinea voastra.  Facebook Follies este un documentar care iti arata ce inseamna sa pui „Totul” despre tine in online. Si nu numai.

Facebook Follies

Filmat in Canada, Statele Unite si Anglia Facebook Follies regizat de castigatorul premiului Gemini  Geoff D’Eon (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Rick Mercer’s Talking To Americans), si produs de catre Edward Peill(Tell Tale Productions).

Vecinii de care veti auzi

octombrie 17, 2012

Deocamdata nu sar de 50 mii de vizualizari. Deocamdata…

Female Robbery

Baby Come Home

…si mai sunt. Se pregateste si-un album.

Mai multe informatii despre The Neighbourhood gasiti si pe site-ul lor  sau pe Enjoy!


Pe repeat

octombrie 12, 2012

Patrick Sweany-Them Shoes

Versuri :

My mind is filled with ghosts
They’re more than most of all my loves gone wrongMy mind should be the way
Most people say that I should just move onMy mind is focused on
Things past and gone when I have no controlI can’t forget there used to be
I used to see but now no more

Think I’m living in a past life…

In a past life, too,
it’s a kind of thing that
Catches up to you
I guess I just believe that
It’s the thing to do
So here’s a little feedback
You gotta wear those shoes

No one said it would be easy
Sometimes it is hard to do
It isn’t like the TV
You see the cold hard truth
And the things you see in movies
Just don’t come true
So here’s a little feedback
You gotta wear your shoes

I will live a half-life
It’ll have to do
Now you can have a love life
You have loved me, too
You can see me in the evening
When the weather’s cool
But here’s a little feedback
You gotta wear the shoes